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Hose connectors and fittings are handy tools that allow you to attach lengths of hosepipe to your outdoor tap/water source or to watering accessories such as spray guns and sprinklers. They allow for quick and easy connection to build a system that can be used for a variety of cleaning and watering purposes.

It’s the hose connector that won’t pop off! We also manufacture a surrounding range of hose fittings and watering accessories. We’re on a mission to innovate watering accessories and produce high quality products that are simple to use and built to last!

Qwickhose connectors utilise our unique Wing-Lock system which offers more hose grip and less fiddly attachment than leading brands, preventing pop-ffs & increasing longevity.

The standard ‘teeth’ grip fitting on traditional models is prone loosing integrity over time, leading to pop offs and needing to be replaced often.

The Original Connector: Allows waterflow all the time even when there is no watering accessory (e.g spray gun) inserted in the connector. This connector is ideal for the tap end both can be used on either end of the hose.


The No-Flow Connector: Only allows waterflow when there is a watering accessory (e.g spray gun) inserted into the connector. The valve inside the connector closes when this accessory is removed, allowing you to change attachments without wasting water. This connector is ideal for the hose end.

When using Qwickhose connectors the grey collar must be pulled down at the same time as inserting a spray attachment, to fit correctly & securely, this provides extra lock on your watering accessory or tap connector. We test regularly on pressures exceeding 8 bar and have never had an issue with spray attachments bursting out.

Yes our connectors are compatible with existing accessories that utilise the quick release system. The vast majority of tap connectors, spray guns, sprinklers etc of this style will work with Qwickhose connectors (Note due to differences between brands, it is possible some accessories do not fit so well).

We aim to ensure a robust fitting for these attachments with our wing-lock connectors. To achieve a secure lock into our connectors you must pull the grey collar on our connectors back while inserting the male end of the accessory.

Yes our connectors are slightly different in that you must ensure you pull the grey collar all the way down whilst inserting an accessory to get a secure lock internally. Typically you can just push in a spray gun or attachment however our connectors provide an extra lock on to attachments by requiring this step.

Qwickhose connectors are compatible with 1/2″ (12.5mm – 13mm) bore PVC & rubber garden hoses.

We have tested a huge array of 1/2″ diameter garden hoses and our connectors work with the majority. There may be the occasional hose that is especially thick or thin and therefore isn’t compatible with our connectors, however this wont typically be an issue for the vast majority

For a typical garden hose set up you will need two Qwickhose connectors. One connector to attach your hosepipe to your outdoor tap and one at the other end of the hose to be able to fit watering accessories. If you use a hose cart/reel you may need a third connector to provide waterflow to your reel from the tap.

Our connectors are compatible with standard 1/2″ bore, rubber garden hoses.

We have tested our connectors on a huge number of 1/2″  hoses and our connectors work with the majority. There may be the occasional hose that is especially thick and therefore isn’t compatible with our connectors, however this wont be an issue for the vast majority.

We cannot guarantee a reasonable connection to expandable hoses as these vary greatly and often have their own fittings built in.

We strive for high quality products that are built to last. This is an important part of our ethos as we got fed up needing to throw away and replace traditional hose connectors from breakages.

We are aiming to increase this service life with our hose connectors and supporting product range.

Our range is all made and assembled in the UK from UV-stabilised premium grade plastics to prevent deterioration of quality.

Our connectors and fittings are UV stabilised meaning they are manufactured with a compound that helps to prevent damage from sunlight.

Exposure to the sun makes plastic go brittle over time but in utilising UV stabiliser our products offer a longer service life.

We post our orders using Royal Mail Tracked service. Royal Mail state the delivery time for this service is 2-3 working days from dispatch (Under some circumstances this can take longer)

We will provide tracking details via email for your order once dispatched to the courier. Please view our delivery policy HERE for more information.

There is no difference in pressure or flow rate with our connectors to any other brand that you’ll use.

There will be a minor restriction when using our No-Flow connector because the waterstop pin reduces the size of the bore marginally. However this will perform the same as any other brand with a waterstop feature.

The standard size of garden hosepipe in the UK is 1/2″ and Qwickhose connectors are compatible with this size hose.

However if you have a 1/3″ hose or 3/4″ hose they will be too thin and thick respectively to fit onto our connectors.

The nature of the No-Flow mechanism will affect the flow rate marginally but this has never caused a noticeable problem when testing with jet washers. Typically, we would recommend the Original connector without the water-stop feature for use on a jet washer as this takes away any possibility of restricting flow rate.

There are several different automatic hose reel models from multiple brands and the way they connect to the tap varies dependant on the model, with some having dedicated built in fittings. However, if it is a typical push fit then our connectors will be compatible, even though they are slightly longer.

Expandable hoses generally have dedicated, built in connectors on each end, so it’s not usually possible to fit our connectors. They also tend to have a smaller bore than a typical PVC/rubber hose as they expand to normal size when water flows through them, so often they are the incorrect size for our connectors. It may be possible to attach to some models but as a rule of thumb we advise not.

Yes if your waterbutt has push fit connection system then Qwickhose connectors will be compatible. If your waterbutt has a 3/4″ thread on the tap you will also be able to screw on our tap connector and fit a Qwickhose connector this way.