As we welcome the New Year, it’s time to look ahead at what’s blossoming in the world of gardening. From eco-conscious choices to innovative technologies, the landscape of gardening is ever-evolving, reflecting our growing awareness of the world around us and our place within it.

In the coming year, we’re likely to see a shift towards more sustainable practices and a resurgence in old favourites. We’re also excited about the introduction of some exciting new and upcoming gardening trends set to redefine how we interact with our outdoor spaces.

So, let’s dive into some of the main gardening trends that are expected to take root in 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, these trends offer fresh inspiration and exciting opportunities to transform your own garden project.


One of the most exciting gardening trends for the New Year is the rise of ‘edimentals’ – a term that merges ‘edible’ and ‘ornamentals.’ Edimentals are plants that aren’t just pleasing to the eye but also offer a delightful treat for your taste buds. This dual-purpose approach to gardening is gaining momentum as gardeners seek to make the most out of their green spaces.

Why are they so popular?

The allure of edimentals lies in their ability to transform gardens into multi-sensory experiences. Imagine walking through your garden, admiring the vibrant colours and intricate patterns of your plants, then plucking a ripe fruit for an impromptu snack! From herbs and spices to fruits, veggies, and even edible flowers, edimentals bring a new level of interaction and enjoyment to gardening.

How do I incorporate edimentals?

Using edimentals in your garden can be as simple or complex as you wish. Start with familiar favourites like rosemary or strawberries, which are known for aesthetic appeal and culinary uses. Then, as you become more comfortable, consider experimenting with less common edimentals like colourful chard or globe artichokes. The key is to choose plants that thrive in your specific climate and soil conditions, ensuring a healthy and beautiful garden.

colourful rainbow chard

Above: Colourful Swiss chard plants.

Naturalistic Planting and the New Perennial Movement

In the heart of the gardening world, a movement is unfolding that combines the beauty of nature with the artistry of design. Known as naturalistic planting or ‘the new perennial movement,’ this trend draws inspiration from natural plant communities, emphasizing sustainability, biodiversity, and aesthetic harmony. This new and upcoming gardening trend is all about creating spaces that mirror the beauty of wild landscapes while supporting local ecosystems.

What is the new perennial movement?

The new perennial movement embraces naturalistic planning and takes it a step further, encouraging perennial plants that provide year-round interest and require less maintenance than annuals.

How can I adopt his trend?

Start by observing the local natural landscapes and identifying elements you’d like to incorporate into your garden. Choose native perennials that thrive in your area and arrange them in a way that mimics their natural growth patterns. This could be planning in drifts or clusters rather than straight rows or allowing plants to self-seed and spread naturally.

Remember, the goal is to create a garden that is both wild and intentional, offering a haven for local wildlife and a beautiful retreat for you.

a rewilded garden


This forward-thinking philosophy challenges the status quo by advocating for a positive, proactive, and solutions-oriented approach to environmental issues. In the context of gardening, eco-optimism translates into practices that not only beautify our spaces but also contribute positively to our ecosystem.

What does eco-optimism look like?

Similarly to naturalistic planting, eco-optimism is about choosing native plants that support local biodiversity. Consider composting to enrich soil or choosing organic pest control methods over harmful chemicals (companion planting is a great way to do this!)

How to get started

If you want to embrace this garden trend in 2024, we recommend starting small. Perhaps set up a compost bin for your kitchen waste (read our handy guide on this here) or choose plants that attract beneficial insects and birds, thus promoting holistic garden health.

We take sustainability seriously

As lovers of the green spaces of the world, sustainability is something that’s incredibly important to all of us at Qwickhose. The packaging we use is recyclable, printed with water-based ink and uses no plastic. Our UK-made connectors are durable and robust with no breakable teeth, designed to outlive traditional connectors resulting in less wastage and making them as environmentally friendly as possible. All our products can be recycled after use, but disassembly is required to allow processing as there are mixed materials in the product.

Emerging Garden Tech

Outdoor tech has gradually been gaining traction over the last 12 months, and this new and upcoming gardening trend is set to continue into 2024. Robotic lawnmowers promise to take the chore out of lawn maintenance, while smart lighting solutions (like this one offered by Innr) are also making waves, allowing gardeners to highlight their spaces in new and exciting ways.

If wildlife is your thing, then the Gardenature smart bird box brings wildlife close up, serving as both a nesting space for birds and a live-feed camera for you and your loved ones to enjoy nature from the comfort of your own homes!

Not only do these technologies make gardening easier, but they can also enrich the experience by adding elements of control and connectivity.

Innovative and Durable Hosepipe Solutions for the New Year

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