A photo of flowers in a summer garden

The Most Common Summer Garden Mistakes

Here we break down some common mistakes to avoid in your garden this summer to…

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young boy potting plants

Oh Sow Easy: A Quick Guide to Growing Fruit and Veg

In this article, we break down some helpful tips and tricks for growing fruit…

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an image showing kitchen waste being turned into fertilizer

Food to Fertiliser: How Kitchen Waste Can Help Your Garden

These handy tips will help your garden, wallet and the environment by finding…

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A gardening fork in some soil

12 Useful Gardening Hacks

Here we take the opportunity to break down 12 useful tips to help you make the…

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A Qwickhose starter kit attached to a garden wall

Introducing the Qwickhose Starter Set

The Qwickhose Starter Set is an innovative, award-winning product that will…

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Closeup of flowers covered in frost

Five Flowering Plants for January and Beyond

Winter can seem a quiet time for your garden, so let’s look at how you can keep…

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