The WaterWise logo for Water Saving Week

What’s the Best Hose Connector for Water Saving Week 2024?

Find out how high-quality hose connectors can help save water, as well as what…

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A person planting an heirloom or hybrid plant

What’s the Difference Between Heirloom and Hybrid Plants?

Learn more about the difference between heirloom and hybrid plants. Here, we…

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A person planting a tree

International Day of Forests: A Quick Guide to Tree Planting

Find out how to plant a tree properly this International Day of Forests. Follow…

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An urban garden on a balcony

Getting to Grips with Urban Gardening

Learn more about the rise and benefits of urban gardening and learn how to…

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a greenhouse in a frosty winter garden

Gardening Trends for the New Year

Discover the top garden trends for 2024, from naturalistic planting to…

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A hose sprays pesticides on a plant

The Use and Impact of Pesticides in UK Gardens

Explore the use and impact of pesticides in your garden, and learn about safe…

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